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Manqro Corporation is headquartered in San Francisco, the heart of Silicon Valley in California, the birthplace of many world-leading high-tech companies like Apple, Google, Uber, Facebook.


Like our famous neighbors, Manqro Corporation leads the innovation in its area, bringing HORECA service into 21st century. With its Allegro cloud solution Manqro automates service in restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels and other hospitality venues. Our customers choose it to quickly bring their traditional businesses into the modern era of mobile services.


In 2015 Manqro Corp. has established its first European office, which is located in Moscow, Russia. This is reflective of the dynamics Russia undergoes now in modernization of all spheres of its life — in particular adoption of new technologies in the hospitality industry.


Investor information

Manqro Corporation is always in search of new talent, ideas and funding. Inherent scalability of our business model ensures that our service could span diverse spheres without need for adaptation for particular individual business applications, capitalizing on the common platform designed for all HORECA needs. Check out our Investor Program — as Manqro could easily become the best investment opportunity in your portfolio!



MANQRO.Allegro is an innovative cloud service for automation of guest services in restaurants, cafes, bars and other HORECA venues. Allegro Cloud Service combines functionality of electronic menus, loyalty programs, providing new channels of communications with your clients, collecting detailed statistics and establishing new metrics of business performance.

Key features of MANQRO.Allegro service:


  • Mobile Client Services inside restaurants — spawning all kinds of devices, from guest’s own smartphones to dedicated tablets and mobile terminals for service personnel
  • Support for delivery services, expanding service area beyond restaurants walls
  • Custom loyalty programs which can be crafted for particular needs of each venue
  • Dynamic controls over menu, special offers, promo actions and campaigns
  • Collecting detailed data about every aspect of restaurant performance and clearly visualizing it
  • Providing new channels of direct communication between your customers and service personnel


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